Championships take place in the last three weeks of the season. Competitors must have completed in 18 events during the season to be eligible for Club Championships. Special consideration is given to those competitors who live 60km or more from Dubbo – they are eligible after competing in 12 events.

After the Christmas break, if someone transfers or joins the Club and produces evidence of the number of events competed in at their previous Club, they will be credited with that number of events.

Only Club members are eligible to participate on the nights of the Club championships.

Points are awarded as follows:

  • 5 points 1st place
  • 4 points 2nd place
  • 3 points 3rd place
  • 2 points 4th place
  • 1 point participation

Athletes who have not completed sufficient events or who are not in full uniform including Club, Rego and Age numbers displayed are ineligible to compete in Club Championships.

All athletes will be given recognition at our presentation night in the event of tied results. However it should be noted that this is not applicable if and when competing at other centre competitions, Zone, Region or State.

Any determination made by the Club regarding points to be awarded to an athlete will be based on that individual’s attendance and participation in events on previous Club nights.

The Club Executive shall as required make determinations on points awarded in the event of inclement weather, attendance at LANSW sanctioned events falling on the nights of championships or corresponding weekend.


Club records can only be set during the Club Championships and must be verified by a Committee Member or other accredited visitor.