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Parental Supervision & Participation


All athletes must have a parent/guardian present to compete at Friday night competition. If an athlete is not accompanied by a parent, guardian or responsible adult he/she will NOT be able to compete that night.

If for any reason a parent or guardian is unable to attend with an athlete a committee member must be advised prior to the Friday night competition so that appropriate supervision can be arranged.

The success of Little Athletics requires parents to assist at events. Most events require at least (3) three helpers.


Our club prides itself on its friendliness and family emphasis and we do not expect parents to have an in depth knowledge of athletics. The more experienced members will pass on their knowledge and committee members will endeavour to visit each venue.  Basic information on each event can be found at the front of each folder, but should you find you require assistance please approach the announcer who will find someone to assist you.

Help is also required at the finish line, either with timekeeping or place judging.  If your child’s age group is competing in a track event, please let the timekeeper know that you are available to place judge.  We would be grateful to anyone who would be willing to time keep whether just for the night or just for a few events.  Stopwatches make this job easy.

The Little Athletics Association of NSW has a strict No Smoking policy and Council regulations state that Barden Park is a smoke and alcohol free zone. If you smoke please do so outside the white fence and away from competitors.

Meetings are held on the first Monday of each month in the Club house at Barden Park commencing at 7pm. If you have any good ideas or concerns to put forward, this is the opportunity to be heard. Please inform the president of your intent to attend so the committee can allow the appropiate time for you.