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Region 3 Carnival 2017/2018
Barden Park Athletic Centre, Dubbo February 3rd & 4th 2018

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Results – Region 3 2017

Region 3 Centre Duties 2018

Region 3 qualifiers 2018 – by centre

 Saturday Timed Program 2018 – Region

Sunday Timed Program 2018 – Region

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Region 3
Western Plains, Central Tablelands, Western Ranges
Region 3 Carnival 2017/2018

Barden Park Athletic Centre, Dubbo February 3rd & 4th 2018

  •  The Top 4 qualifiers in the U8-17 age groups will automatically qualify from each Zone to Region. The next best 4 from across the Region will make up the 16 athletes at region.
  •  The Top 2 (legal) relay teams from each Zone will qualify to Region. NB There are rules in relation to Relay teams that make it easier for smaller Centres to Compete. See below.
  •  First event each day will be 8.30am.
  •  The Region carnival will be fully timed, the list of event times will be available to Centres once we receive total entries.
  •  There are some events that are covered by qualifying standards in relation to progressing to State, see below.
  • There will be NO calls for all events. Families need to know what time they need to attend the Marshalling area (Call Room – 20mins prior to published start time)
  • Electronic timing will be used on the track, by way of the Photofinish system.
  • There is a new rule in relation to U9 & U10 High jump, all athletes must jump scissor style, that means at all levels, Centre through to State a flop jump will be considered a foul.
  • Reminder that spikes can only be worn by athletes in the U11 and above age groups.
  • The usual food, drinks & coffee will be available during the Carnival.
  • As usual, parents will be required to assist throughout the Carnival.
  •  There will be a $5 Region entry fee per athlete levied to each Centre. Please, at the Zone carnival ensure your athletes are in fact competing at Region otherwise withdraw them with the official paperwork. The fee will cover Carnival costs including medals, and costs associated with things like photo finish etc.

Note: In previous years we have had an issue with athletes not turning up and some track events needing to be collapsed into a straight final. This causes a major delay when using Photo Finish so from this year, if Marshalling and the Starters deem a straight final will occur, those athletes will be marked off as present and then will return at the scheduled Final time to race the Final.
Any athlete who DID NOT attend the heat and get marked as present cannot then run in the Final.

State Qualifiers: The first 2 athletes in each event (U9-17) will qualify to the State Championships in March, but note there is now a minimum Qualifying standard for the 1500m Walk (U12-17) and 3000m (U13-17). Regardless of placing at Region athletes need to better the following time to qualify to State;
1500m Walks
U12 – 11.00min
U13 – 10.45min
U14 – 10.30min
U15 – 10.15min
U17 – 10.00min
U13 – 13.30min
U14 – 13.00min
U15 – 12.30min
U17 – 12.00min

To qualify to State in the High Jump, all qualifiers must have cleared the State start height at Region. The start heights are listed below;
The starting height for high jumps will be as follows: -

             ZONE              REGION         STATE
Boys    Girls       Boys   Girls     Boys    Girls
U9    0.85    0.80       0.90   0.85     0.95    0.90
U10  0.95    0.90        1.00   0.95       1.05   1.00
U11   1.05   1.00          1.10   1.05       1.15    1.10
U12   1.15    1.10          1.20   1.15       1.25    1.20
U13   1.20   1.15           1.25   1.20       1.30   1.25
U14   1.25   1.20          1.30   1.25        1.35   1.30
U15   1.25   1.20          1.30   1.25        1.35   1.30
U17   1.30   1.25          1.35    1.30       1.40   1.35

Note: Reminder that the U15 & U17 age groups will now run the 300m Hurdles instead of 200mH, and also all age groups from U11 and above will do Long Jump and triple jump from the board and NO sand.
Region Programs: Programs will be $5 each and each Centre needs to have numbers and a cheque made out to LANSW Region Three .The closing date for orders is February 1st 2018
Send them to Matt Andrews 22 Coachwood Drive Claremont Meadows 2747 or email at lanswregion3@gmail.com
Team Managers: Each centre must provide Carnival management with a Team manager name for the Region Carnival. This person is the only point of contact between management and Centres. You can have a different person for both days.
Please email that name by February 1st 2016 to lanswregion3@gmail.com
Relay Teams
a. Boys Junior b. Girls Junior c. Boys Senior d. Girls Senior

Team Composition

Junior – 4 athletes (one athlete from U9, U10, U11 & U12)
• U12 may be replaced by an U9, U10 or U11
• U11 may be replaced by an U9 or U10
• U10 may be replaced by an U9

Senior – 4 athletes (one athlete from U13, U14, U15 & U17)
• U17 may be replaced by an U15, U14 or U13
• U15 may be replaced by an U14 or U13
• U14 may be replaced by an U13
• U13 may be replaced by an U12 (Note: a maximum of 1 x U12 athlete may be used in a senior relay team.

If an U12 is used in the Senior Relay team the same athlete cannot be a member of the Junior Relay team). NB. Athletes may compete in any age order.

Eligibility Minimum Age – Athletes must be genuine U9 and older.

Note: You do not need the same Team composition from one carnival to the other.
An athlete does not need to be entered in the carnival to compete in the Relay.

Carnival details and timed program (once complete) will be emailed to all Centres and be available via the Western Ranges Zone website. www.westernrangeszone.org
If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me.
Matt Andrews
Region 3 Co-ordinator
M: 0438357478
E: lanswregion3@gmail.com