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Regional Parkes 2015

Hi All
Please find the times for each events for the 14/15 Feb in Parkes
Hi All
Thank you for making yourself available to officiate at our Region 3 carnival.
It is at NorthParkes Oval, Parkes on 14th & 15th February…
First event both days is 8.30am, and the carnival once again is fully timed.
FYI, the track events Saturday are scheduled to finish by 5.30pm and on Sunday 3.30pm.
If we can have all officials signed on prior to 8.00am then we can have a quick briefing before everyone gets into position.
If you have any questions or your circumstances change please advise ASAP.
Matt Andrews
Region 3 Co-ordinator
Unit1, 14 Colless Street
Penrith. NSW. 2750

M: 0438 357 478 E: lanswregion3@gmail.com