Some background about the Dubbo Athletics Club as well as committee and governance information such as the constitution and polices and procedures is available in this section.

Please note that we are required to apply Little Athletics NSW policies and procedures unless otherwise advised.

Adverse Weather

Competition is only cancelled if it has rained sufficiently to make the grounds unsafe, if there are thunderstorms present or if the temperature is outside Little Athletics NSW guidelines.

If sufficient rain has fallen prior to a competition, a decision on cancelling will be made in conjunction with Dubbo Regional Council. If a cancellation is made, an announcement will be made on Facebook and the website, www.dubboathletics.org.au. If in doubt please contact one of the club committee.

No points will be allocated to athletes on competition nights that are cancelled prior to the commencement of the first event. If a competition night is cancelled part way through due to rain, lightening or any other unsafe conditions, points will be allocated only for the completed events.

The committee is responsible for the safety of all athletes and may be forced at times during the season to cancel a night’s competition before or during the night due to lightening. The committee will be guided by the LANSW/ANSW guidelines.